Your Thoughts Are Seeds

photo of seed packets and garden tools laying in the grass

What do you plan to plant? Are you hoping to have a vegetable garden? Do you want a flower bed? What about some raspberries, rhubarb or strawberries? Don’t you need fruit trees? How about a lush, green lawn? Wouldn’t you like a large maple tree? Does your property need an evergreen windbreak?

Could these seeds carry a resemblance to the seeds of your thoughts?


Most of the produce in vegetable gardens are annuals. The seed must be planted each year. These seeds serve to nourish you and your loved ones throughout the year. Do your thoughts, which ultimately are connected to your words and actions, nourish your loved ones as well?


Comparatively, flowers can be annuals or perennials. Annuals don’t necessarily need to have a permanent spot, whereas perennials do. Flowers inspire our sense of beauty. Do you instill a sense of beauty in others? Is this thought of beauty fluctuating and changing throughout the years as an annual, or is it more of a perennial fixture?


Many fruits, whether from small plants or trees, are a component of a landscape which produces every year, once mature. Fresh, juicy fruits nurture our taste for the sweet. Do your thoughts give your loved ones a taste of the luscious, year after year?


A lovely, green lawn is an invitation to enjoy the outdoors, to go play, to revel in the sunshine. Is this sense of play and fun within the vocabulary of your thoughts?


Trees, marvelous trees, such as large maple trees, take decades to reach their full size. These giants draw people to sit beneath, to lean against, to relax into their presence. Do your thoughts encourage this sitting, leaning, relaxing behavior from others?


Finally, an evergreen windbreak takes a good number of years to be of service. Once the trees are large enough, they offer (excuse me) a “tree-mendous” amount of protection from the wind, as well as a wonderful shelter for wildlife. Do you present protective and sheltering thoughts to others?


Our thoughts are certainly seeds which lead to our actions. Emotions are generally tied to them. Many times the emotions bubble out. Other times, they can become buried, perhaps inadvertently planted. Here is a good article on repressed emotions along with how to cope:

Here is to your healthy thoughts, whether they be annual or perennial, may you blossom into your greatest potential!

P.S. I have one more seed to offer for today. If you’d like to plant more of my ideas, go to Happy growing season!

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