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Slow Down – Ten Quotes

Slow Down Ten Quotes shares wisdom for healthy living from E. Cantor, P. Digh, D. Hridha, Lau Tzu, A. Lamott, Atticus, M. Kokhonoana, G. Santayana, E. Tolle and more.


Clear Negative Energy may help to cleanse your energy field of past trauma. Includes links to decrease pain & grief; to assist creativity as well as relationships.

tree trunk with wooden post embedded within

Hidden Emotions

Believe it or not, this post is not only about a post, but also about emotions, hidden emotions! My photo shows the base of my very favorite tree. The appendage to the lower left of the trunk is actually an old wooden fence post. We live on my grandparents’ former property. As a little girl,Continue reading “Hidden Emotions”

close up of bright yellow flowers bathed in sun

Speaks with Sunshine

Speaks with Sunshine shares the benefits of optimism and sunshine and also includes Dr. Bernie Siegel’s optimistic philosophies with patients.


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Teacher shares insights from traditional K-8 education. Additionally, she imparts healing resources for energetically regulating your health.

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